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Hollywood Bugs: Insects in the Movies

If only there were Oscars or Choice Awards for the non-human actors in movies! Think of all the countless animals who have played their part in the box office hits of the big screen: horses, elephants, dogs, cockroaches...wait, cockroaches?!

Yes, insects show up in dozens of films, whether they’re one of the main characters (like Mothra in Godzilla) or they’re simply adding to the setting of the scene (like the large bugs of the famous underground tunnel in Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom). Not to mention lots of animated classics that feature bugs like Antz or Disney’s A Bug’s Life.

Movies can help to increase awareness of these animals, or they can instil fear of them and create misunderstanding. Many films play on our uncertainty of six- or eight-legged creatures, going for that thriller edge to get people's pulse racing.

However, it’s worth noting that most of what we see of bugs in movies is not only exaggerated, but sometimes just plain myth. For example, tarantulas would never spin larger-than-human webs of silk and leap down on passers-by. In fact, they’d more than likely run away at the sound and feel of your step.

It’s important to remember that pretty much all of the insects, spiders and scorpions you’ll see in movies are actually quite docile and friendly. The very fact that we can show cockroaches and tarantulas crawling on people means that the bugs have to be rather passive in order to have them cooperate long enough to film the scene.
This year for Hug-a-Bug, we’re rolling out the red carpet for some of our Hollywood Bugs. It just so happens that we are proud enough to house many of the invertebrates you’ll see on the big screen, and we’d like for you to meet them in person! Come find out who’s won the Best Supporting Actor, or the Lifetime Achievement Award. Meet the buggy stars up close for yourself and learn the truth about the personality behind the face. 

Join us this Family Day weekend for Hollywood Bugs: Insects from the Movies!

Butterfly of the Month 

The Velvet Rose (Pachliopta kotzebuea) belongs to a group of Swallowtails known as the Red-bodied swallowtail butterflies. Just like any rose, they too have thorns, but in a less obvious way: the bright colouring warns of a poison that makes them distasteful to any who tries to eat them!
There are still tables available for 7:30 pm seating! Reserve your seats online,
or call now to bring your loved one for this popular, romantic event.

March Break BugFeast 2016!

We're excited for this year's BugFeast! Our Food Truck Festival will feature 3 tasty recipes prepared with cooked crickets & mealworms for your sampling pleasure! Mark your calendars: March 12 - 20, 2016.

NEW! PD Day Camps

Looking for a fun way for your camper to spend a PD Day? For ages 6 - 12, two day camps offered for the spring season: April 22 - Pollinators for Earth Day, and June 30 - Bug Safari. Details & registration form online.

Daily Programming for March

Bring your little ones for weekdays in March (excepting March break) for Itty Bitty Helpers! This 20 - 30 min program starts at 11 a.m. with a quick story and song, and then heading to the Conservatory to help with some critter care! Read more online.
Buy your tickets online and save 10% !
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