Life Among the Butterflies

02 November 2017
Meet Cheecho the Conure! Ever since Cheecho, a young tropical parrot, came to live with us almost 10 years ago, he has become a popular character in the Conservatory. Cheech is a young male Green-cheeked Conure, a small parrot from the continent of South America. Children love to say "hi C...
31 October 2017
 "Eeww, that bug's creepy!" What does it mean to be creepy? The meaning of the word refers to that skin-crawling sensation when something strange happens or weirds us out. There are many things that can be creepy to a person, and bugs are probably one of the top groups of animals that rate...
24 October 2017
Autumn on Fire!This time of year we always wish that we had planted more of those striking foliage plants with fall foliage colour. Autumn drives become a spectacular treat as forests of Sugar Maple are set ablaze against a backdrop of feathery yellow Larch and a carpet of glowing Goldenrod – all in...
05 October 2017
How to Care for a BearRaising any caterpillar to watch the life cycle is a rewarding, educational experience. Woolly Bears are cute & fuzzy caterpillars that are active this time of year, making them easy to find. And they're quite easy to raise!Here's your how-to guide for caring for a Bear!Ste...
28 September 2017
Weddings and Events
Spoiler - She said YES!For Emily, it was just another Friday afternoon and just a normal visit to the Butterfly Conservatory. She and Dylan arrived with their sweet little girl just before closing and with the exception of one other person, they were all alone in the greenhouse. What a peaceful, rel...


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