Life Among the Butterflies

05 October 2017
How to Care for a BearRaising any caterpillar to watch the life cycle is a rewarding, educational experience. Woolly Bears are cute & fuzzy caterpillars that are active this time of year, making them easy to find. And they're quite easy to raise!Here's your how-to guide for caring for a Bear!Ste...
28 September 2017
Weddings and Events
Spoiler - She said YES!For Emily, it was just another Friday afternoon and just a normal visit to the Butterfly Conservatory. She and Dylan arrived with their sweet little girl just before closing and with the exception of one other person, they were all alone in the greenhouse. What a peaceful, rel...
21 September 2017
Butterflies of India & South Asia - A Special ExhibitionWe are very excited to feature a special exhibition of freely-flying Butterflies from India & South Asia. India is home to approximately 1,800 species and subspecies of butterflies. Of those species between 15-20% are native t...
14 September 2017
Photo Credit: Mike WhiteBulbs and Corms and Tubers – Oh My!Bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes are buried treasures that burst open in the Spring displaying floriferous bouquets of colour to welcome the season. Crocuses celebrate the melting snow, trumpeting daffodils hail the sunshine, and tulips ch...
07 September 2017
It has been a banner summer for the Monarch butterfly! We've been getting a lot of feedback from butterfly enthusiasts across southern Ontario who are all reporting seeing more Monarchs than last year. Certainly we have also observed more butterflies and caterpillars on our milkweed than the la...


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